Friday, February 3, 2012

A boy and his Dino's

Lil' Man has a collection of dinosaurs from T-Rex Cafe in Kansas City, KS. Kirk brings him back one everytime that he comes back from a meeting in that area (which is about once a year). He has also received some in person from a couple of visits there. All his dino's names start with the letter E -- Elmo the Great, Emma, Elvis, Ezekiel, Edwina (just to name a few), like his name. His first was Elmo the Great (he's the blue one in the front), he received him the first time we visited T-Rex. Elmo the great has been quite a few places with us since he was adopted. He went to Vegas twice, Washington state a couple of times, and on all our road trips to OK and KS. He has been such a loved compain by Lil' Man. And even though his herd has grown to 8, Elmo the Great is still amongst the favorites. Ezekiel (his latest adoptee), seems to also be among the favorites. Some may say Lil' Man is almost 9 and it's time to put away the stuffed animals, I don't agree. When he's ready, and only when he's ready, we'll put these beloved stuffies loving away for Lil' Man's children to enjoy when they come along.

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