Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure Field Trip

                   Lil' Man posing on a tractor in the kids area of the zoo.
                     A close up of Lil' Man on the tractor at the zoo.
          Lil' Man posing with the Rolling Hills Sign in the kids area of the zoo.
Dad (a.k.a the principle of Little Shepherds Academy) checking out a docile cow. That is until we bought some feed to feed it, then he became very lively.
                     Black Swans. Oh my, these were so funny to watch.
           They would bob their heads up and down, sometimes at the
                                      same time and squawk.
              Lil' Man with a Camel. We took this picture for Lil' Man's Grandma,
                                     she collects camel things.
                                        Close up of the camel.
                     A Deer! As close to shooting on as I will ever get
                               --- sorry couldn't resist the pun!
                  The beautiful Kansas Plains on a partly cloudy day.
        Cool picture of the moon in the middle of the day behind a cloud
                           --- just one of God's Amazing Creations!

We had a beautiful time. It was so great getting out of the house and being around God's creatures. It had been a while since we had gone on a field trip, especially as a family. We were so happy that Daddy (a.k.a our school's principle) could get off of work to go with us.

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